About Me


I am a renaissance goddess writing, painting, a whiz in the kitchen … OK, I’m a Canadian writer living just outside our capital city, Ottawa. I write dark stories; dark, gritty YA/NA stories, dark high fantasy, dark steampunk.  I even have a dark sense of humour. I also paint and cook.  I have two published cookbooks!

It should not come as a surprise that I have a black haired husband and a black cat named Jules Underfoot Verne, and she earned that middle name. I also have a 23 lb behemoth who thinks he’s a small white cat. Obviously, we named him Yeti.

Here you will find my blog, my paintings, news and events, my books, links to reviews and places to buy, ways to contact me, and more.  I also review books for other writers, mostly fantasy and science fiction.

  I write the Mechanicsville series, a gritty YA story about 3 inner city kids dealing with issues beyond their experience, and maturity. (To celebrate the release of Book 2: Alone in the Night, I am giving away ebook copies of Book 1: A Test of Loyalty at Smashwords. Coupon code FP66D gets it into your hands FREE. Share the code with your friends! Good until March 28th for those who got ereaders for Yule.)

  Cookbooks! I have two books released from a planned series of six, or eight, depends on how many experiments my hubby is willing to eat. Currently available are Fresh and Homemade Asian cooking, and Fresh and Homemade Indian cooking.  Coming soon are African, Mediterranean, and Celtic cookbooks.  Possibly Tex-mex, potluck and historical.

  My epic fantasy Terreagles series is in progress. The first story, The Last Shot, was released on the Radish App, and won first place in their writing competitition, fantasy division .  The first novel is in first round of major edits. Oh, the pain of badly written verse!  But it will get better.

I am working on the first novel in the prequel series to Last Shot timeline as well. It’s easier to keep the clues and details straight that way.

  My Avalon series will start with Morganna, who is not the villain in this story. The series will be an updated, slightly twisted telling of the Arthurian legends from different points of view. The first three are Morganna, Arthur and Merlin. What does one see that the others don’t?  Why do they make the disastrous decisions they do. And who the hell is Arthur, really?

  Upcoming books:

  My dark urban fantasies are set in modern day Ottawa, and star ghosts, vampyres, incubii and more. Which politicians are bloodsucking, soul eating ghouls… ok, ok… which are monsters, then? Right… well, you know what I mean.

  Smiths Falls ghost stories. Dian lives in a cozy home made from a converted 200 year old mausoleum.  What could go wrong?

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