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A Test of Loyalty now available everywhere… ish..

A Test of Loyalty now available everywhere… ish..

live everywhere

As of Christmas day, my first book is available in ebook format everywhere I could think of. Tag me if I missed your favourite.  The paperback is available at Amazon and… um… I forget?  Obviously from me, though with the old… er, limited edition cover. Yes, that’s it! Limited edition!

Apparently also on Ebay, though the price is better at Amazon. And I’m not sure if I get paid for it.

Smashwords has a bunch of formats to choose from. I get about the same royalty no matter where you buy it, so get your fave app.

And as always, reviews are a writers best friend! So if you are willing to leave me a review, I’ll give you a reader’s copy free in .doc, .docx or .rtf.

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