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Hawaii and weddings

In four days my dear hubby and I head to Hawaii for a nephew’s wedding. It will be only the second time we’ve travelled as a couple (we met in 1998!) that wasn’t to a family member’s house or a … Continue reading

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Amazon store are up! Also, a newsletter, maybe.

My own Amazon store, selling MY books, things I blog about, interesting stuff, you name it. Seriously, tell me what you want me to carry, I’ll put it in the store and send you a link. I’ve also set up … Continue reading

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So, shit happens….

So, yesterday was interesting, today was frustrating. I had a 9am appointment for a full physical. With bloodwork, so no breakfast, not even coffee or tea. I sat at a restaurant drinking herbal tea to wait for the appt. Somewhere … Continue reading

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Vikings and sexy stuff

So… yesterday we went to the last day of the Viking exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civiliza… History. (stoopid politicians changing the name to leave a footprint on history) I went with several members of my Kindred; Norse reconstructionists … Continue reading

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