Tax journal and the busy season

I just realized that I will not be home during the busy Christmas season, so may have difficulty mailing out orders!  Duh, me.

This applies to all books except the downloads, but for obvious reasons, a physical book must be mailed out early to reach the giver before Dec. 24th. So I suggest that anyone ordering a book as a gift either order before Dec 2nd, or order from Amazon.

If you are willing to risk him forgetting, my husband *might* be able to mail things out until the 20th. (He takes bribes)

Other than that, I will be mailing out all physical books on the Tuesday after New Years.

To save the $5 shipping from me, either order on (Not .ca, see this post)


I have a steamy-punk story out!

My story “Contessa” is the first in a series of short steampunk adventure-romances. Starring La Contessa Lenora, a former Gypsy fortune-teller who has married (and widowed) extremely well and her little chihuahua, Pepe. She was assured that Pepe was a male dog and being a Victorian Lady, she didn’t check. Miss Pepe is capricious, clever and a wee bit incontinent. Lenora is passionate (but not in an unseemly fashion) and highly intelligent. So much so that she often works as a “not so secret” agent for Prime Minister MacDonald.

When a man is murdered on the airship she’s travelling on, and an expected telegram fails to arrive, Lenora realizes that a mystery is afoot. Even a pair of laughing brown eyes can’t distract her from her investigation. Well, they are a bit distracting.

Available in the anthology Steamy Cogs by Eighth Ripple Press, available now in Kindle, ibooks and other retailers!


And before I even get my copies to price out my cost per book!
At twice or more what I would charge! So they pirated it, then tried to gouge my readers!

So not cool!


It should be removed from sale within the next 24 hours.  Mine will be up in a week or so, as soon as I can set a price. So, after my box of books gets here so I can calculate GST and duties per book.

Pain clinic results week 2

So I finished the second week with the physical terrorist and the psycho-social therapists. Some were good and applied to me, much did not as I work from home, some made me laugh out loud.
Let’s do the funny first. I had a two-hour social work session on assertiveness training. Me. Darling hubby laughed so hard when I told him this that he nearly went off the road!
Also a one-hour session on planning and list building. Hubby married me because he was so impressed with my organization and lists. Well, he probably was also crazy about me, but my lists were high on the … um, list.

What worked was posture training, how to do things with as little strain as possible, and exercises. I avoid exercises normally but have to admit that wasn’t really helping. So I learned the right way to walk, with and without poles), the right way to climb stairs, some yoga, some gentle strength building stuff. Not too bad.

What I hated was the walking. OW! Fracking ow! My back does not like walking 200 meters, even with the poles and proper sneakers. and some of the overwhelming togetherness. I know they want us to bond, but I need my alone time. It took a couple days to convince people to let me have my lunch alone, they all wanted me to not be lonely.

All in all, I’m glad for the three-week break. I’m working on a short story for an anthology submission, back to ROE and Nets, I need to write. I’m an addict, I must be. I thought of writing the way a drunk thinks of beer. I needs it, my precious….

Chronic pain and rain

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been attending the chronic pain clinic at the General Hospital. It’s an all day every day thing, so I’m exhausted and sore. But hopeful.
We do gentle exercises designed to increase mobility, talk to a shrink for help with the anxiety surrounding long term pain and re-injury, and we have occupational therapy, social something-or-other…
The only downside is that it’s 830-230 five days a week. One day usually crashes me for two days. My weekends will be filled with self care. And herbalism. My sunday classes continue! And I am doing two weeks, a 3 week break, then another 2 weeks. So it shouldn’t kill me.
I need more exercise hear though. (my day of the dead leggings got me some odd glares)

Lunch is difficult, too. The cafeteria is about 10*10 feet, with sandwiches, pop, tea&coffee, and soup. Gluten free is scarce. So is healthy drinks.
Add on that it’s been raining since … forever! We have double the rain from last year. From all summer last year and it’s mid July, another 6 weeks to go.

However, the concept is that they will teach me to avoid crashing and burning by pacing myself, learn to not “push through the pain” but to do things in a way that minimizes pain, and more.
I’ll update on results. So far I’ve done the “decision” week, full of tests and interviews to see if both myself and the many doctors involved think it’ll help me.
Now seems to be a good time to test the theory, it’s Noah’s ark weather. When did we get a monsoon season? My hips and back are certainly hurting enough to notice if pain goes down. Or up.

The hardest part for me, of course, is that I’m too sore and tired by the end of the day to write.

Another repost: or you could just go to Goodreads

December 14, 2015

My friend Jamieson has a Christmas novella for free! It’s a Yule gift to his fans, new and old.

Jamieson Wolf
The Magic of Stars cover

Happy Holidays!

This is my favourite time of year! People come together, spread kindness through the world and there’s something about it that’s just a little bit magical.

Speaking of magic, I have a gift for all of you. It’s my annual Holiday novella and you can download it for free. A small gift from me to you.

This year’s novella is called The Magic of Stars. Here’s a bit about the novella:

Oscar doesn’t believe in magic.

Though he lives in Inglewood Hamlet where magic is an everyday occurrence and his grandmother is the village miracle woman. Oscar still doesn’t believe in magic. Scientific facts are things that are proven, whereas magic has no quantifiable proof.

His whole world changes when one night, at his grandmothers urging, he wishes upon a falling star. “I wish I believed in magic…”

The next day, he meets a girl in the village…
View original post 122 more words

Here, there and everywhere

The next few weeks, or months, will be crazy busy around here.  That probably means my 2x a week blogging schedule will get even more screwed up than usual.

Thursday, I’m in town until 9pm for a writers group. Friday we leave for Ad Astra.  Get home Sunday late at night, and I should go to a different writers group Monday, but let’s be honest, even with the wheelchair all weekend, I’ll be in NO shape for a day in town.

The following weekend, we leave for 2 weeks for my Mom’s wedding.  It’s so cute! She’s 80 and he’s 70, and she thinks she’s a cougar, a cradle robber!

We get back just before the long weekend on the 21st of May, and have a birthday event to go to, then a few days off before the book fair (I’m on the organizing committee and in charge of registration). The next weekend is a charity event, the next is a wedding, then there’s a festival I’m in….

I’ll post when I have both time and brain function, but realistically…. expect to return to regular blogging in the fall.

Orlando shootings, another voice

It’s been ages since I posted, I’ve been crazy busy, and the world has just gone crazy.

After my mom’s wedding a little less than a month ago, I worked a book fair, dealt with pain levels that would make a grown man sob hysterically, attended two milestone birthday parties, started a garden, had three doctor appointments, wrote a 7 page outline, adopted a stray cat, had friends over for dinner….

For most of you, that might not sound crazy busy. But I do most of it hunched over from pain, barely able to walk. I am on morphine from the pain, and some days it doesn’t even make a dent.

I got to feeling sorry for myself. I cleared 4 garden beds (well, I cleared one, my niece cleared three) and could barely move for two days. I worked at the kitchen table because it was so much closer to the coffee machine.

Then the mass shooting in Orlando put things into perspective. I live my life in pain. Some live their lives in fear. Fear of things like that slimy little turd in Orlando.

And their fear is as real as my pain, but a lot harder to fix. Morphine wouldn’t touch it on its best day.

Most of you don’t know this, but I had a foster child in the late 80’s, early 90’s. He was high school age, failing, depressed, suicidal, and GAY. Also a gorgeous person of colour.

He was being bullied so badly at school that he’d been moved from foster home to foster home because of his anger and depression. (Way to really help these kids, Asshats!)

So I got him. I adored him at first sight. By the time he aged out of the system, he was happy, creative, and had a scholarship to university. What did I do that was so incredibly different?

I accepted him.  After all, who he loves is none of my concern as long as I show him it’s safe to love. Where he puts his dick is none of my business EVER.  (Unless his partner is abusive, in which case I try to help him get the strength to leave, but that story is none of your business.)

He’s now a strong, loving, beautiful man. He supports himself, owns his own home, has a wonderful partner, acts and sings on stage, and probably still lives in fear.

It breaks my heart. And terrifies me.  My son used to go to bars all the time when he was in his 20’s. He rocked that dance floor! And any of those fun-loving people out for a few drinks could have been him.

None of them were a threat to to anybody, none of them were doing anything but enjoying a night out. I look at their eager, happy photos and cry for the loss of so many lights. So many shining ones snuffed out, into darkness.

I’ve seen a couple of people celebrating their deaths. Do that anywhere I can see you and blocked will be the nicest thing to happen to you. Excuse me while I go write an execution or something, pretending it’s one of those small-minded, foul-mouthed cretins.

unsorted photos 021

My beautiful, happy boy.

My Mom’s wedding!

So, it’s been long two weeks.  Maybe a long month, I’ve lost track.

I went to New Brunswick on May 8th to help my mom with the last preparations for her wedding, meeting her groom for the first time. Eh, he’s OK, better treat her right, I know what he looks like now.

Goldie and George 14-5-2016.jpg


This is the first kiss!

He seems to be a little selfish, but then again he was single for at least 10 years, he may not be used to thinking of other people. My sweetie showed him how a confident man treats women: with respect and spoiling them at the same time.  The size of your manhood is not determined by whether you ask others if they want something when you go out for coffee. Nor is it diminished by doing what she asks you to, especially if you are gluten intolerant and have IBS and she wants you to stop with the fracking donuts!

We fixed up the house, made endless cakes and bought tons of snacks and paper plates. The reception was at Mom’s house. I got to see all her brothers and sisters, some I haven’t seen in over 5 years. It was great.  So was spending time with friends in person instead of just FB messenger.

The long and short of it is that I was exhausted and out of spoons by the time we started home on the 18th. Thank Gods we got to overnight at a friend’s, the 6 hour drive that day was more than enough.

So, that was last week, the weekend included two friends birthday parties. This week was a train wreck.And it’s not over yet.

I had an appointment for an mri on tuesday, arrived at 7am to find that it was booked for 730PM! Unfortunately, all the walking to and from my non-existent appointment made me too sore to hang around for 12 hours or the real appt. Rebooked for June 20th. And time CONFIRMED.

Doctor appointment on Wednesday to followup on a problem. Calendar says 130pm, went on time. WRONG. It had been rescheduled for 9am and I was too tired to check my phone messages on Tuesday. Rebooked for next week.

Went to see dear friends for dinner, started a migraine. Frack!

Home today and my house looks like we were attacked by mad bombers while we were away. But the TV is still here, so it’s our mess. I put African chicken in the 4l crock, and hambones and water into the 15l one. Then started trying to clean up.

Ever had one of those days where you can’t do A until B is done, can’t finish B until C is done and can’t do C until A is done? Yeah, that. I want chocolate and a nap.

And the house is still a disaster.  I’m supposed to go to my writers assoc meeting tonight and pay my dues.  Sigh….

My non-existent pain…

Tomorrow morning bright and early, we leave on a ten hour drive to my Mom’s to help with her wedding.  It’s both stressful (Mom reports turning into a 16 yo bridezilla) and incredibly cute.

So, I spent all day yesterday packing for a 2 week trip, and was supposed to spend today getting the house ready to be empty.  Like emptying the fridge of rottables.

Instead of sleeping last night, I was up all night with severe pain in my non-existent gall bladder. I had my gall bladder removed almost 2 years ago, and I’m still having attacks?  Worse than when I had it?!  The very definition of unfair.

I am so tired and sore today it’s not funny.  But I’ve still got so much to do.  Like refreezing the freezer packs. And bringing down the box of stuff for Mom.

I’m betting that the love of my life didn’t get much sleep either because there was no position that lessened the pain. But I still shifted around looking for it. Constantly.

I was also supposed to write a review of an ARC I received. I wanted it done before we headed down east, but my brain is poutine today. Messy, squishy, some parts hot, some cold… you get the idea.

Maybe I can write the review on my tablet in the car tomorrow, and upload when we get to my Mom’s?