Chronic pain and rain

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been attending the chronic pain clinic at the General Hospital. It’s an all day every day thing, so I’m exhausted and sore. But hopeful.
We do gentle exercises designed to increase mobility, talk to a shrink for help with the anxiety surrounding long term pain and re-injury, and we have occupational therapy, social something-or-other…
The only downside is that it’s 830-230 five days a week. One day usually crashes me for two days. My weekends will be filled with self care. And herbalism. My sunday classes continue! And I am doing two weeks, a 3 week break, then another 2 weeks. So it shouldn’t kill me.
I need more exercise hear though. (my day of the dead leggings got me some odd glares)

Lunch is difficult, too. The cafeteria is about 10*10 feet, with sandwiches, pop, tea&coffee, and soup. Gluten free is scarce. So is healthy drinks.
Add on that it’s been raining since … forever! We have double the rain from last year. From all summer last year and it’s mid July, another 6 weeks to go.

However, the concept is that they will teach me to avoid crashing and burning by pacing myself, learn to not “push through the pain” but to do things in a way that minimizes pain, and more.
I’ll update on results. So far I’ve done the “decision” week, full of tests and interviews to see if both myself and the many doctors involved think it’ll help me.
Now seems to be a good time to test the theory, it’s Noah’s ark weather. When did we get a monsoon season? My hips and back are certainly hurting enough to notice if pain goes down. Or up.

The hardest part for me, of course, is that I’m too sore and tired by the end of the day to write.

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