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Get your books in time for Yule giving!

Well, Nano is nearly over, and 2 migraines have put me so far behind that I’m giving up. I made it to almost 20k on three projects, combined not each. Wouldn’t that have been awesome?

And yes, judgey cat is disapproving.

But I’ve gone from an average of 500 words a day (including bad days) to about 1200. So, Nano did its job, it got me producing. And it started me on book 3 of the Mechanicsville series.

Yule news:

I am heading to visit family in NB on Dec 4th. So I will be away from my boxes of books during the prime shipping season. If you plan to give copies of any of my books as Yule presents, I suggest you buy soon. Especially as The Canadian Authorpreneur’s Tax Journal is perfect for any writers in your life. Save money on taxes, write off part of your day job’s income! Gifi codes and Use-of expenses explained!

Simply email me through the contact page or here, and tell me which books you want and where to ship them. I’ll send you an invoice which you can pay on Paypal or interac transfer. Then they get mailed. Easy-peasy.

If you run out of time waiting for your paycheck to appear, no worries, I can probably bribe Hubby Dearest with something kinky involving chocolate to mail things until he joins me on Dec 21st.  But I may need an unspecified favour later, like my fave hero, Lucifer Morningstar. (Isn’t Tom Ellis hot?)

Tax journal and the busy season

I just realized that I will not be home during the busy Christmas season, so may have difficulty mailing out orders!  Duh, me.

This applies to all books except the downloads, but for obvious reasons, a physical book must be mailed out early to reach the giver before Dec. 24th. So I suggest that anyone ordering a book as a gift either order before Dec 2nd, or order from Amazon.

If you are willing to risk him forgetting, my husband *might* be able to mail things out until the 20th. (He takes bribes)

Other than that, I will be mailing out all physical books on the Tuesday after New Years.

To save the $5 shipping from me, either order on (Not .ca, see this post)


Chronic pain and comfort food

So, yesterday was not a good day. My butt cheeks still hurt from planting garlic. Who knew that crouching that long was such a workout? The 90km/hr winds (55 m/hr US) tore up the storage tent we had put up exactly 30 hours previously. And it was cold and rainy all bleeding day!

So my hip and head were hurting as well as my butt. LOL, the minions have totally ruined me for the word butt. I can’t even say butt roast anymore without giggling like a 12 yr old.

And my spayed cat is acting like she’s in heat. Murbling and purring, wanting her butt (hee hee, butt) scratched, and offering her tummy for tickles. Do NOT tickle the tummy, it’s a trap!

Thank gods for my instant pot!  I tossed in frozen chicken, some frozen veggies and broth and an envelope of GF gravy mix.  Instant (well (40 min total) chicken stew.  Comfort food for a blustery day. I added GF dumplings but they didn’t work. They were more like spaetzle than dumplings. I shall try again! I shall not be denied my chicken and dumplings!  It was probably my fault, I didn’t time them. And science is much more important when everything is GF.

In the meantime, I’m still trying to get my store up and running. Does it work yet? Who knows? I can’t tell from this end anymore.  Between my awesome little Cannabis oil capsules that look like vitamin D, and the headache from the low-pressure system….

And tomorrow is Nano!!!!!  I need some encouraging words.


Nano and estores

Mechanicsville fans will be happy to know that I am writing draft 1 of book 3 (title to be determined) during Nanowrimo.  Yes, by Nov 30th I will have 50,000 words of a terrible first draft to be polished into the further adventures of Samantha, Ashley and Faraj.

So an edited version will be for sale this spring!  Yay!  And as usual, I will be running a fundraiser for literary charities through  Anyone who donates $20 or more can get a character or something named after them. A hero? A villain? An office building?  Your choice!


Also, I have been upgrading/ figuring out the estore on my website. I hope it works. I hope my SSL is added right. I hope I know what I’m doing.

And an amusing tale to send you off into the dreary, wet day…

I planted my garlic for next year, 100 cloves in nice, sorta-tidy rows.  Of course, I buried them in the dirt after the photo. Otherwise, it would have been a pretty boring shot.

The funny part is how much my bum hurt the next day. Seriously, I could hardly walk. But my back didn’t hurt at all. Not a bit. Yay for pain management.  Even today, I’m hobbling around because it hurts every time I flex my butt cheek. Do you have any idea how often you do that?  LOL

Can-Con here I come!

So this Friday starts one of my favourite writing/ fan cons. Can-Con, the Canadian Conference of speculative fiction… or something like that.

It’s science fiction and fantasy fans, costumes, panels, workshops, writers, agents, publishers, editors, stufftobuy! It has workshops taught by award-winning authors!

And I gave a seminar last year, and will likely give it again next year. There was just too much cool new topics to have room for a repeat this year. And that’s ok. I will have my 2018 Cdn authorpreneurs tx journal for sale. $12 and filled with tax info, advice, simple explanations of tax gobbledygook…  Just hunt me down, I’ll be the one in the wheelchair with a long braid.



I have a steamy-punk story out!

My story “Contessa” is the first in a series of short steampunk adventure-romances. Starring La Contessa Lenora, a former Gypsy fortune-teller who has married (and widowed) extremely well and her little chihuahua, Pepe. She was assured that Pepe was a male dog and being a Victorian Lady, she didn’t check. Miss Pepe is capricious, clever and a wee bit incontinent. Lenora is passionate (but not in an unseemly fashion) and highly intelligent. So much so that she often works as a “not so secret” agent for Prime Minister MacDonald.

When a man is murdered on the airship she’s travelling on, and an expected telegram fails to arrive, Lenora realizes that a mystery is afoot. Even a pair of laughing brown eyes can’t distract her from her investigation. Well, they are a bit distracting.

Available in the anthology Steamy Cogs by Eighth Ripple Press, available now in Kindle, ibooks and other retailers!


And before I even get my copies to price out my cost per book!
At twice or more what I would charge! So they pirated it, then tried to gouge my readers!

So not cool!


It should be removed from sale within the next 24 hours.  Mine will be up in a week or so, as soon as I can set a price. So, after my box of books gets here so I can calculate GST and duties per book.

The Tax Journal will be ready for Can-Con!

I finished the tax journal for authorpreneurs today!

I had promised people that it would be ready for Can-Con, and it will be. Barring printer problems, idiots at customs and so forth, of course.

I don’t have a table at Can-Con, so I’ll have a few in my bag and a box in my room, just stop me and ask. Unless you have a table and are willing to share a corner.  🙂

I don’t have my final printing costs yet, so I don’t know what I’ll be charging. But I can spare a buck or two to a vendor who saves me the effort.

Now, this is a journal specific to Canadian taxes. Is there interest in a general writer’s bullet journal? It would be prettier but have much the same functionality. Fewer tax points, but more space for general journaling and story ideas.

Pain clinic results week 2

So I finished the second week with the physical terrorist and the psycho-social therapists. Some were good and applied to me, much did not as I work from home, some made me laugh out loud.
Let’s do the funny first. I had a two-hour social work session on assertiveness training. Me. Darling hubby laughed so hard when I told him this that he nearly went off the road!
Also a one-hour session on planning and list building. Hubby married me because he was so impressed with my organization and lists. Well, he probably was also crazy about me, but my lists were high on the … um, list.

What worked was posture training, how to do things with as little strain as possible, and exercises. I avoid exercises normally but have to admit that wasn’t really helping. So I learned the right way to walk, with and without poles), the right way to climb stairs, some yoga, some gentle strength building stuff. Not too bad.

What I hated was the walking. OW! Fracking ow! My back does not like walking 200 meters, even with the poles and proper sneakers. and some of the overwhelming togetherness. I know they want us to bond, but I need my alone time. It took a couple days to convince people to let me have my lunch alone, they all wanted me to not be lonely.

All in all, I’m glad for the three-week break. I’m working on a short story for an anthology submission, back to ROE and Nets, I need to write. I’m an addict, I must be. I thought of writing the way a drunk thinks of beer. I needs it, my precious….

Chronic pain and rain

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been attending the chronic pain clinic at the General Hospital. It’s an all day every day thing, so I’m exhausted and sore. But hopeful.
We do gentle exercises designed to increase mobility, talk to a shrink for help with the anxiety surrounding long term pain and re-injury, and we have occupational therapy, social something-or-other…
The only downside is that it’s 830-230 five days a week. One day usually crashes me for two days. My weekends will be filled with self care. And herbalism. My sunday classes continue! And I am doing two weeks, a 3 week break, then another 2 weeks. So it shouldn’t kill me.
I need more exercise hear though. (my day of the dead leggings got me some odd glares)

Lunch is difficult, too. The cafeteria is about 10*10 feet, with sandwiches, pop, tea&coffee, and soup. Gluten free is scarce. So is healthy drinks.
Add on that it’s been raining since … forever! We have double the rain from last year. From all summer last year and it’s mid July, another 6 weeks to go.

However, the concept is that they will teach me to avoid crashing and burning by pacing myself, learn to not “push through the pain” but to do things in a way that minimizes pain, and more.
I’ll update on results. So far I’ve done the “decision” week, full of tests and interviews to see if both myself and the many doctors involved think it’ll help me.
Now seems to be a good time to test the theory, it’s Noah’s ark weather. When did we get a monsoon season? My hips and back are certainly hurting enough to notice if pain goes down. Or up.

The hardest part for me, of course, is that I’m too sore and tired by the end of the day to write.