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Free book for Halloween!

Free book for Halloween!


My friend Jamieson Wolf, a prolific writer in several genres, has decided to offer this scary story about a shopping mall (I know, right?)  for FREE this Halloween.

Mall of the Dolls  tells the tale of creepy little girls taking over a shopping mall. Is it a Halloween story or a Christmas tale?  You be the judge, but don’t wait…. it’s free for only a limited time.

My own news?  Um….  I finished cleaning the fridge….  It’s more of a chore than it sounds, since my back won’t allow me to stand up for more than 10 minutes, or bend over hardly at all.  I did one shelf a day, while hubby was at work, removing everything, washing the shelf, throwing out some stuff, putting in a liner… and returning what we were keeping.  There’s so much more room in there now!  And so many clean canning jars that were filled with… unidentifiable old… stuff…

And my beautiful boy (cat) had an emergency run to the vet on Saturday,  He had stopped eating and had diarrhea.  Never in the litter-box, of course not.  It was a foot away from the box.  Every.  Single.  Time.

It was drop-in day, no appointments and we were there about 3 hours.  With an increasingly hungry and bitchy cat, and an entire litter of 12 week old, russet, great labs, there for their booster shots.  Beautiful, friendly, rambunctious, cranky-cat-disrespecting puppies.

About the time one ignored Yeti’s growling and licked him through the mesh of the cat carrier, we were called into the exam room. So he was diagnosed with “I dunno, he doesn’t have a fever”.  Given antinauseants and antibiotics and sent home.

Yeti was still cranky the next morning when I had to give him his first 2 pills.  Before feeding him.  That was a full body workout for both of us.  He’s 20lbs of gorgeous, cranky cat.

20141029_094249  Yeti, FILLING my big brown couch.

I am also prepping for Nanowrimo.  Characters, photos of castles, playlists, stocking up on wine….  and yesterday my annual Fall migraine arrived.  yay…..

But the wine and allergy pills will beat it by Nov 1st.  I am determined.  Because writing with a migraine is painful, and doesn’t always make sense.  Even to me.

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