I have a steamy-punk story out!

My story “Contessa” is the first in a series of short steampunk adventure-romances. Starring La Contessa Lenora, a former Gypsy fortune-teller who has married (and widowed) extremely well and her little chihuahua, Pepe. She was assured that Pepe was a male dog and being a Victorian Lady, she didn’t check. Miss Pepe is capricious, clever and a wee bit incontinent. Lenora is passionate¬†(but not in an unseemly fashion) and highly intelligent. So much so that she often works as a “not so secret” agent for Prime Minister MacDonald.

When a man is murdered on the airship she’s travelling on, and an expected telegram fails to arrive, Lenora realizes that a mystery is afoot. Even a pair of laughing brown eyes can’t distract her from her investigation. Well, they are a bit distracting.

Available in the anthology Steamy Cogs by Eighth Ripple Press, available now in Kindle, ibooks and other retailers!

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