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My book is up for pre-order!

My book is up for pre-order!

The experiment is LIVE!!

And confusing!

cover Test of LoyaltiesThe Kindle version….



And the paperback….  is coming in a day or two.  They need to do… something to link it to Amazon. (I’ll update or post a new blog with that link when it’s figured out.


Now, they do have different covers, because I’m overeager and their rules are strange.

I signed up my book (A Test of Loyalty) to Kindle Direct Publishing, used their cover creator, got it up for presales and release on Aug 30th.  They suggested that I do a matching paperback through their subsidiary Createspace, so I did.

They have totally different covers in their cover creator, and you can’t just ship the other’s cover over because they’re different specs.  So I created a second, less pretty…. well, much less pretty, and much less relevant, cover.  And fought with their uploader, then with their proofing program until it worked.

I ordered a proof copy!  Yay!

HOWEVER….  When I went to connect the paperback with the already listed kindle book.. they can’t do that.  They start a new kindle book, and I can’t merge them or cancel the first one.  Also, I think the paperback is also only going on .com, not .ca.

Now it turns out that if I’d done the Createspace first, they send their cover to KDP.  But it is the plainer one.

This experiment is getting complex.


Serious kitty disapproves of complications.

BUT!  Here are the plans for it:  The kindle is $2.99 (Us or Canada), the paperback is $8.99US, and you get the kindle free through Createspace if you buy the paperback.


KDP says that they get the book exclusively for 90 days, and I can’t sell it in any other format or any other website, including my own.  (The Createspace doesn’t count since they own it)  If I put it on my blog or facebook or website, I must link to the Amazon sales page.

In return, they will promote my book based on the keywords and title searches. I am sorta guaranteed to be in the top ten matches by keyword and top five by title or name. It’s only sorta because they have other KDP books that might meet the same search criteria.

After 90 days I can do a Kobo version and put them all up on Goodreads, Smashword, etc.

So, how do I know who bought it because they saw my posts and who bought because Amazon promoted it?

This is how: I would love for people to buy it, write a review, etc.  If you do buy because you read this or any future post by me, write and tell me that’s why you bought it.  You can comment on this post, or future posts about the book.  If I sell 100 copies and my friends buy 95 of them, KDP does not get exclusive anything from me again.

Now for the warning:  This is a gritty, depressing YA novel. There is drug use, off camera sex abuse, terrorist plotting and general peer pressure and misery.  It does have a hopeful ending though.  Things get better in book 2 and book 3 sees them all come into their own power.

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