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My first book club, featuring Me!

My first book club, featuring Me!

This week was my first book club meeting. Well, the first where I was a guest author. As a life-long book lover, I’ve been in a lot of reading groups. But this one had borrowed my copies of A Test of Loyalty, 

Man, was I nervous. What if they hated it and dragged me over the coals?  What if they loved it and heaped praise upon me? (I hate to admit that I would be more annoyed than flattered)  Even worse, what if they all thought it was so bad that they couldn’t face me and nobody showed up?

Well, only a couple failed to show, and they all seemed to like it, and no-one asked the dreaded “what is the theme?” question. So it went well. A few had insights that I swear I didn’t write. But it made me think about the third book, what would do well as a wrap up for one of the characters.

And I got a free meal. So… yay, me!

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