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My new writing life, take one…

My new writing life, take one…

Today I worked on my list of books to write. I scared myself. I have at least notes for 20 fiction and 6 non-fiction.  Some I have completed 1st or 2nd drafts for, most are just outlines and one or two scenes.

Wow. I feel like I should be immortal, I’ve got too much to do in one lifetime. “Sorry, can’t die now, booked.”

I also have gotten the list of “prizes” from nanowrimo, so I’ve spent time looking them over and debating which, if any, I want. Kobo gave me 10 free novels: WANT.  Another place is offering 30% off a $200 a year subscription… um, no.

Then there’s things like Humble Bundle’s 25 books on writing strategies and methods for $25. Hm…  useful, but pricey this close to Yule.

I’ve also spent the day trying to get my book uploaded to more platforms than just Amazon. OMG, you need a doctorate in artificial intelligence to figure out where the upload pages are. Four.. freaking… hours… not one upload. I wanted all of it done for when I get my new book cover. That way it would be simple to finish and publish.

You’d think I’d know better.

I did discover that Smashwords can… can, not will, upload to ibooks and Kobo, plus a few I’ve never heard of. And I want to try Wattpad. Apparently, if you sign up to post your book for free, a chapter at a time, you get free promotion. There’s only a few chapters in the first one. Maybe weekly is too fast?

Maybe I need more coffee?

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