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Other local authors

Other local authors

These are other Canadian authors, mostly Ottawa area. I have read something by all of them… each of them?  And there is not a dud among them.

Science Fiction

Julie Czerneda writes both science fiction and fantasy. Her SF is hard, biology based and very thought provoking. With her scientific background, her aliens make sense.

JGM Daw 
is an Ottawa writer of science fiction with a sense of humour. Not a Terry Pratchett humour, more a “yeah that hurt, but you should have seen the look on your face” sense of humour.


Tanya Huff lives in Prince Edward County, a few hours from Ottawa, and minutes from my mother-in-law. She writes mainly fantasy, and has been publishing award-worthy books since the early 80’s.

S.M. Carriere is a wonderful Australian-Canadian writer of all things Arthurian inspired. Fantasy, historicals, and awesome digital art. She also wrote Human, a great vampire read.


Michel Weatherall; Ottawa writer heavily influenced by Poe and Lovecraft. Do not read while alone at night. Do NOT read to classical music!


Eve Langlais is the author of possibly hundreds of books! She is tireless and hilarious. Her erotic paranormal romances have shifters, cyborgs, aliens, you name it. She sees sex with a  wicked sense of humour, and never slows down. 

Jennifer Carole Lewis Lives in Ottawa and writes paranormal- romance-mystery/ thrillers.  She just released book 4 in the series.