Pain clinic results week 2

So I finished the second week with the physical terrorist and the psycho-social therapists. Some were good and applied to me, much did not as I work from home, some made me laugh out loud.
Let’s do the funny first. I had a two-hour social work session on assertiveness training. Me. Darling hubby laughed so hard when I told him this that he nearly went off the road!
Also a one-hour session on planning and list building. Hubby married me because he was so impressed with my organization and lists. Well, he probably was also crazy about me, but my lists were high on the … um, list.

What worked was posture training, how to do things with as little strain as possible, and exercises. I avoid exercises normally but have to admit that wasn’t really helping. So I learned the right way to walk, with and without poles), the right way to climb stairs, some yoga, some gentle strength building stuff. Not too bad.

What I hated was the walking. OW! Fracking ow! My back does not like walking 200 meters, even with the poles and proper sneakers. and some of the overwhelming togetherness. I know they want us to bond, but I need my alone time. It took a couple days to convince people to let me have my lunch alone, they all wanted me to not be lonely.

All in all, I’m glad for the three-week break. I’m working on a short story for an anthology submission, back to ROE and Nets, I need to write. I’m an addict, I must be. I thought of writing the way a drunk thinks of beer. I needs it, my precious….

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