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Plans, schemes and books

Plans, schemes and books

This is me, looking evil.  I have a cunning plan.

It’s to do with the enormous piles of notes, book ideas, character sketches, photos and general crap filling up every inch of desk space. And drawer space. I may need a 2 drawer filing cabinet.

I am making a list! I’ll be checking it more than twice as books and stories go up or down in their closeness to actually being written, but I hope to stick to the list. More or less.

I have walked away from film-making for the time being, it’s too hard with my chronic pain. Film shoots are regularly fourteen hour days, and I’m good for being on my feet ten, fifteen minutes before having to take a break. Not really feasible.

But I can sit at a computer with the best of them!

I have everything from a second draft script, which I want to turn into a novel, to scattered bits of ideas that make zero sense and don’t mean anything to me.

Like “sleeps with science teacher to blow up school?”  I have no context for that note, it matches nothing I’ve been working on. It’s not even from a review I’ve done for anyone. Is it the lame result of an experiment in writing down my 2am story ideas?

Looking at my list, I have mostly notes/ outlines or first drafts.I need to get to the less fun part of writing, forcing it into a plot that makes sense.

I also have three main genres which I seem to blend with wild abandon: fantasy, mystery, and paranormal. There is one straight YA, one straight science fiction, and three fantasy. The other ten are blended genres like crime/ paranormal, mystery/ comedy…

I also have several non-fiction, like cookbooks, how to camp for the camping impaired, and gardening in Canada.

I need to make and stick to a writing schedule!  I had planned to walk away from all things writing related until Jan 1st, because of brain strain during Nano, but… well, here I am making lists.  On Dec 7th.

I suck at taking a break. But I have a fix for that. As long as I don’t pressure myself to stick to a schedule or process, it doesn’t count as writing… right?



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