Steamy Cogs, anthology by Eighth Ripple Press


Take off on an adventure with four steampunk romances with mysterious twists!

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Take off on an adventure with four steampunk romances with mysterious twists! “Jewel Bearing Heart” by Bess Hamilton: Faith Merriweather is talented at her trade and making a life for herself in post-war London. That is until a mysterious stranger comes in with a request that quickly turns into an adventure and changes her life forever.

Contessa” by Laurie Stewart: Lenora McAllister is expecting a cable from the Prime Minister’s secretary as she travels to Ottawa via airship for Canada’s second anniversary of independence. When the cable doesn’t arrive she knows there is trouble aboard. Alongside her little dog, Pepe, and her new sexy friend James, she’ll use her quick wit and resources, to figure out who on board is trying to sabotage things.

Clockwork Journey” by Jessica Ripley: An American western steampunk that follows Carleigh Walker after she is thrust into a world of chaos with Thorne Adams when they discover a device meant to take down the mayor. They must travel to the underbelly of their town and figure out who is behind it before it’s too late.

Sing a Song of Freedom” by Bonnie Lynn Carroll: Zee is rescued from the desert heat by Dylan, and cared for by his sister Alice while she attempts to remember what happened to her. She soon realizes she’s brought upon the town more danger than a simple stranded stranger should. Can she figure out how to save them all?

Available only on, Kindle, and in paperback. Signed copies available below.

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