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The Hunt; Symbiosis by Michel Weatherall

The Hunt; Symbiosis by Michel Weatherall

I reviewed this for Apt613, an online magazine about the arts in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). All arts from Bluesfest to cooking  to book reviews to whatever you can think of. If you spin it right, it has a place.

Review of Michel Weatherall’s: The Hunt: Symbiosys (Book 2)

4/5 Stars

Michel Weatherall’s second instalment in the Symbiot series is well named.  The Hunt: Symbiosis.

This story is clearly part two of a trilogy, but that isn’t a bad thing. It simply makes far more sense if you’ve read part 1, The Symbiot. In that book, we were introduced to a group of people intent on breaking the reality barrier with an alien piece of music.

Picking up where The Symbiot left off, The Hunt finds our heroes spread across the globe, injured, and defeated in spirit. They share a nightmarish vision-dream of a cold, empty place, a prophecy of the death of mankind, from which dead friends call out to them for help.

But they destroyed the entity Nyarlathotep and the gateway, didn’t they? They thought all the major players dead, the music gone forever, but they were wrong. Evil doesn’t die, it just changes.

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