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Dark Urban Fantasy

Dark Urban Fantasy

This will be my dark fantasy series set in modern day Ottawa.

Magic is real, it’s seeping in through the shadows, and young girls playing at magic on the full moon.  It’s fighting for its life before the webs of steel and electricity kill it forever.

Moira McSteuert was a normal woman with a boring, normal life.  Until she accidentally witnessed a crazed killer morph into an even more dangerous monster; a master vampyre.  Transformed by his own will and anger, he can make lesser vampires to do his bidding.

Now she’s a Bean Sidhe, a banshee drawn to the sight of violent death to live their pain and fear as they die. It’s a great way to hunt a murderous vampyre, if only she could stop collapsing in agony every time he kills. She can find him, she just can’t stop him.

Not alone.