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On This Day We Maen Be Seen

On This Day We Maen Be Seen

 (My first short story in this dark urban fantasy series debuted on Sept 30th, 2016 on Kindle, Kobo and other ereader sites.)

Moira McSteuert is starting to understand her new role as an immortal fey. Though she would much rather have been a fairy than a Bean Sidhe, an old hag drawn to violent death.

This is her first Halloween as a being from the darkness, the otherworld, and she intends to have a drink to celebrate!

Ottawa, Ontario. Canada’s capital city. Present day.

“People go on about their lives like nothing has happened, like there was no monster stalking the city during a deadly heat-wave. Like they never saw the battle on Parliament Hill between me and a Demi-god with the temper of a two-year-old.”

Deep with the city’s dirty past lies the key to the Otherworld, where Fey and monsters dwell. Old Gods, brought over with the folktales of the colonizers, now interfere with our world, demanding their place among us.

Magic and science have a cycle, you see. One up, the other down. For millennia untold, this has been the way of the world. But Science should have stepped aside for magic in the year 2000. It didn’t. Instead it spent the past century  binding magic with ropes of steel and bonds forged of electricity, two things guaranteed to cripple it.

But it will find it’s way into the world again. Some small, subtle thing in the shadows, or a blast to blow the world back a thousand years.  It’s their choice, not ours.