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Mechanicsville: Young and New Adult

Mechanicsville: Young and New Adult

This is a gritty and somewhat dark series about teenagers in Mechanicsville, a low-rent district in Ottawa, Canada. I recommend for ages 15+, my most enthusiastic readers have all been adults.

“I hate you, I hate you! I was up most of the night!
I could not stop reading your books… LOVE them! Love your books;”A Test of Loyalty” and “Alone in the Night”. Read them real fast just couldn’t get enough… extremely well written! Seriously I’m happy I had both books … I would have been really dead not to be able to read the second one right away.”  Alex DB

Samantha Hunter used to live in Ottawa’s premiere area; Rockcliffe Park, home of in-ground pools, housekeepers, and locked gates. Now she’s in a tenement with immigrants, drug dealers, and a busted future.  The school is so underfunded that they act like they’ve never seen an A+ student in their lives.  But she has an early admissions letter from university, and dammit, she’s going to be a lawyer!

Ashleigh Maracle is in a bad situation. Her father, a full blood Mohawk, is in jail and has been since she was little. Her mother’s current boyfriend is a drug dealer who’s determined to have both mom and daughter. And her marks are so low she couldn’t a job cleaning floors.

Faraj is a Muslim boy from Iran. He lives with his paternal grandmother and uncle because both his parents were killed in uprisings, one by each side! He’s confused, lonely and desperate to gain some “respect” from his friends. He’s being actively recruited by a terror cell and doesn’t realize it.

The world shoves the three together, but they’d rather die than help one another.  So they might get their wish.

BOOK ONE: A Test of Loyalty

BOOK TWO: Alone in the Night

BOOK THREE: Survival at Any Cost (TBD)