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A Test of Loyalty; book 1

A Test of Loyalty; book 1

A Test of Loyalty, Mechanicsville Book One

A Test of Loyalty is the first book in the Mechanicsville series, a painfully gritty look at inner city kids in Canada’s capital.  Set against the Paris bombings, it follows three teenagers who get drawn into things bigger than they can handle.

“I am impressed with the life likeness of her characters, how she draws into not only their surroundings but the inner workings of their minds. She explores a culture that most people never see let alone experience. Mechanicsville: A Test of Loyalty is a well written story that kept me engaged and hooked. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good story and cannot wait for the release of book 2.”  Ken B.

“Having just finished “A Test of Loyalty”, I am very much looking forward to Book 2. The story draws you in, wanting to discover more about the lives of Sam, Ash and Faraj. The turmoil of growing up, dealing with changes in life’s situation seen from the eyes of three teenagers. Set in Ottawa and mirrors, I would think, what life is like growing up in this day and age. Thank you Laurie, for this amazing creation!” Rose M.

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