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Alone in the Night; book 2

Alone in the Night; book 2

Alone in the Night; Mechanicsville book 2.

Alone picks up three weeks after A Test of Loyalty ends. Everything in the lives of our main characters has changed; except themselves.

Samantha still lives in the same building, but now the halls seem empty, bereft of her two friends. She is still under suspicion for her involvement in the disaster, and so can’t go asking about Ashleigh, who vanished that night.  So she fills her time while searching on her own with new friends, new enemies and new disasters.

Faraj is in jail for terrorism, and the cops want to up it to six counts of murder. But he’s only 16! And, as his uncle says “Faraj is an idiot, not a terrorist. He couldn’t plan a trip to the washroom!”

Ashleigh finally has everything she ever dreamed of, so why is she throwing it away? What draws her back to the market, risking arrest in a “red zone” time after time?


“This takes us on a journey that exposes the struggles of day to day life that most will never be exposed to. It provides an honest glimpse of life on the street and the struggle that those trapped in the lifestyle face. It’s brutality and honesty lays bare an area where society has failed, where those that are smart enough can exploit it. It is a book that will provide a brief glimpse into a culture that most never get to see, let alone experience.
When you open the cover and begin to read this, settle in for an adventure and a fast paced ride. I had trouble putting it down and look forward to the next book in the series.”  Ken B.

“OMG I loved it! Having gotten hooked by Mechanicsville Book 1, I was very excited to receive a copy of Alone in the Night for an honest review. The story carries on from Book 1 nicely, taking us further into the characters lives and how they manage day to day. You feel like you’re part of the story, cheering them on and wanting to know what’s next! I look forward to the next installment!” Rose M.

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