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Nets to Catch the Wind

Nets to Catch the Wind

Terreagles; Nets to Catch the Wind

Set in an alternate world; medieval, magical, and on the verge of war.

Sharma was a handmaiden to the young princess Sorcha.  When Sorcha is appointed Royal Regent to a far territory which is accustomed to being out of sight of the politics and corruption of the Queen’s Court, no-one is happy; not Sorcha who wanted bigger things, and not the Territorial Court who are used to ruling themselves.  A brutal attack on Sorcha’s caravans leaves most dead, and only a few guards and a lowly handmaiden on the way to the Walled City.

In the role of the recently deceased Royal Regent.

  Now she’s the only thing between the utter destruction a peaceful, but poverty stricken people and her own people going to all out war. A war they can’t possibly win. Because another nation watches and waits for an opportunity to invade and wrest control from them both.

  Can a shy woman become strong enough to fight quickly enough to prevent the warrior race across the river from invading?

Book one of a series, hopefully to be released in 2018