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Spring energies and processes for living the dream

Spring energies and processes for living the dream

Hellooooo, Spring! The snow is disappearing, the temperature’s above freezing, the birds are back, and if we ignore the occasional bit of freezing rain, Spring has arrived.


And with it, my arthritis. But also my need to get up and do things. Like clear out the bin of scarves and mitts by the door. Sort our shoes and dispose of those that have started leaking or falling apart. And prioritize my writing, schedule writing time, precook dinners for near deadlines….

I actually spent a lot of time yesterday while I was away from my computer (that’s why I’m late today) making lists for my books. I now have a list of 30 novels that have been bouncing around in my head. Plus the cookbooks and a couple of novellas related to the novels. I’m hoping that now that I’ve made a list and nailed them down in prioritized order, most of them will shut up and let me finish the first one on the list.

The one with the deadline in less than 6 weeks.


At the same time, I’m fantasizing (almost pornographically) about my garden this summer. What to plant, where to rotate things to, what to experiment with…. Tomatoes, hot peppers, celery?


And clearing out the loft for a friend to move into this April or June. Wow, did a lot of stuff end up piled in there over the years! Now I’m fantasizing about clearing out the whole house. Everything goes!

Ok, not feasible. But let’s sort through the books and only keep the ones I plan to read/ reread. And my clothes, keep only those that fit or are close to fitting. No more size 2 or size 16.

Does Spring make everyone go nuts, or is it just me?



FYI: A Test of Loyalty is now going up free, a little at a time on Wattpad and Chapterbuzz. Go look them up, totally free!

By the time they’ve got the whole book for free, Alone in the Night should be available!

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