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Mechanicsville fans will be happy to know that I am writing draft 1 of book 3 (title to be determined) during Nanowrimo.  Yes, by Nov 30th I will have 50,000 words of a terrible first draft to be polished into the further adventures of Samantha, Ashley and Faraj. So an edited version will be for sale this Read more…

I just spent all day trying to get the verification email from my web-host so that I could help set up another author’s website under Corvid Moon Publishing. Because, ya know, more authors equals more money to pay the web-host. Hours of frustration, searching for hidden folders it might have gone to for unexplainable reasons and guess Read more…

Did I use word that right?  This is supposed to allow me not just to link to a friend’s blog post or article, but to quote some and link to the rest. I think.

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