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I am 99.9% done editing One Shot, the second Talia Sunborn short story.  It’s out for its final spit and polish edit. So it may be released as early as Monday. Yeah, Monday sounds like a good day. Both Talia stories are background to my novel, Nets to Catch the Wind. It’s a full length, high fantasy story with life and death stakes, a war that may cost the queen her crown and more.  Nets
New Year’s Eve, 2017, Woodstock New Brunswick. A foot of fresh snow on the ground and still falling, -26C and dropping (this will be relevant soon). About 4PM. My mother, stepfather, my husband, and I are starting to get ready to go out. Nothing fancy, my mom is 82. But a nice dinner, followed by Royal Canadian Air Farce NYE special. Nothing too tiring. Because I live in chronic pain from a botched spinal fusion,
Well, Nano is nearly over, and 2 migraines have put me so far behind that I’m giving up. I made it to almost 20k on three projects, combined not each. Wouldn’t that have been awesome? And yes, judgey cat is disapproving. But I’ve gone from an average of 500 words a day (including bad days) to about 1200. So, Nano did its job, it got me producing. And it started me on book 3 of

Tax journal and the busy season

Posted by Laurie Stewart on November 6, 2017

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I just realized that I will not be home during the busy Christmas season, so may have difficulty mailing out orders!  Duh, me. This applies to all books except the downloads, but for obvious reasons, a physical book must be mailed out early to reach the giver before Dec. 24th. So I suggest that anyone ordering a book as a gift either order before Dec 2nd, or order from Amazon. If you are willing to
So, yesterday was not a good day. My butt cheeks still hurt from planting garlic. Who knew that crouching that long was such a workout? The 90km/hr winds (55 m/hr US) tore up the storage tent we had put up exactly 30 hours previously. And it was cold and rainy all bleeding day! So my hip and head were hurting as well as my butt. LOL, the minions have totally ruined me for the word