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The concept of the Ethical Author

The concept of the Ethical Author

The Ethical Author Code is not industry regulation from the top down. We believe all authors, however they publish and however much they earn from their efforts, have an equal stake in a diverse, well-informed, professionally conducted publishing industry. Our aims in creating this Code are:

-to give a voice to authors who conduct their businesses ethically and feel that the constant stream of reports and social media posts about and by the less scrupulous is tarnishing the public image of their profession

-to act as guidelines for new authors who may not be aware of the issues afflicting the publishing world, and to help them avoid some of the common pitfalls;

-to act as an agreed reference standard against which the actions of authors can be measured;

-to avoid further deterioration of standards, which may lead to the loss of our current freedoms of choice in how we conduct our businesses and the disappearance of some of the platforms through which authors express themselves and market their work.

-to emphasize that this is a matter of behaviour, not publication method to reassure readers, reviewers and bloggers, when they see the badge on a book or website, that they are in the presence of an ethical author.

So we invite all authors — whether they self-publish or trade-publish or both, whether they have written one publication or several or have yet to publish, whether they earn a little or a lot, obscure or famous — to read the Code. And, if it aligns with their thinking and behaviour, if this is how they do business as an author, to put their names to it.

I yoinked this from here, and it’s well worth reading in its entirety.

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